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Special Exhibitions

In accordance with the character of the museum and its extraordinary content, the architect and honorary director of the museum, Ruarí O’Brien, has designed two new, custom-made modules to be used for special exhibitions: “Luise” and “Lotte”. These provide a further unique and effective platform, through which a diverse range of thematic exhibitions can be presented within the museum.

The manufacture of both modules was made possible through donations by visitors to the museum, as well as the kind support of the publishing houses Cecilie Dressler Verlag and Atrium Verlag.

Every year a new special exhibition is opened during the Erich Kästner Museum Festival in February. It can be visited until the end of January in the following year and the content is based on the theme chosen that year by the Erich Kästner Museum.


Here is an overview of previous special exhibitions:

2004 – Luiselotte Enderle

2005 – Time Travel

2006 – Trojan Horse

2007 – Construction

2008 – Translations

2009 – Mobile Systems

2010 – Generations

2011 – Mankind’s Treasures

2012 – Contrasts and Contradictions

2013 – Erich Kästner – a European Citizen

2014 – The Last Chapter – Erich Kästner and the Process of Dying

2015 - The Awakening - New Spaces / New Ways