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Internships at the Erich Kästner Museum

The unique mobile interactive micromuseum® offers internships in the multifaceted work of a young museum, which, according to its self-concept, is in the continual process of development.


Principle tasks:

- Maintenance of the exhibition
- Attendance and guidance of visitors and groups (school classes)
- Presentation and explanation of the museum project
- Research and documentation of the inventory
- Online and offline research
- Office work (organization, filing, paperwork)
- Press and public relations; correspondence (regional, Internet)
- Event organisation and realization (readings, lectures, presentations)



- Independent working, enthusiasm, commitment
- Excellent communication skills, open-mindedness
- Computer knowledge (MS Word / MS Works / MS Excel)

- experience in dealing with new media
- Flexibility in terms of content and working hours
- Good knowledge of foreign languages (English and German)


Advantages for the trainee:
- Detailed overview of a multidisciplinary modern cultural project

- Contacts with an international network
- Qualified certificate


As a minimum one should plan on spending six weeks for the internship.
Since the museum is mostly financed by sponsors, donations and honorary work, it is not possible to provide a stipend.


Send your application documents (curriculum vitae, internship and work experience) either by e-mail to:



or mail to:

Erich Kästner Museum
Frau Andrea O´Brien
Villa Augustin
01097 Dresden


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