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The mobile, interactive micromuseum®


Is a new model for individual museums of the future that do not have their own estate. This project unites literature, architecture, art, communication and mechanics, combining sensual contents and latest media technology.  


The custom-made micromuseum® is a "walk-in treasure chest" and was developed initially for a 15 m² room in Dresden Neustadt, Kästner’s hometown between 1899 and 1917. According to the modified architectural principle of “less is more,” various real rooms were designed to fit into one room to save resources. By using the global network as a virtual room, the greatest public effect can be reached while simultaneously saving the environment due to reduced travelling time and energy. A conventional museum usually invites its guests to be mere spectators, whereas the interactive micromuseum® visitor can embark on an exciting adventure on his own.


Once he enters the museum on Antonstraße 1, the visitor will find himself in front of an elegant object that is 2 meters high, 3 meters long, and 1,2 meters wide. This object is the museum itself, a piece of art, which the visitor has to examine and to explore to gain access to its contents. The visitor will notice gradually that the massive cuboid can be opened like a fruit. Because of its building block character a dozen single elements can be unhinged. The inner parts are actually well-equipped bookshelves, drawers, and display cases for photographs and personal items. The walk-in core, a multimedia time machine, remains installed in the center of the room.


The combination of the physically slow opening procedure and contrasting multimedia speed, allows the game of time and speed to be sensually. Completely new choreographies are created while visitors move about and investigate the architectural elements and their contents. Besides books and other original items the Kästner explorer has audio and video material and a work station equipped with the latest computer technology at his disposal. Hence even the most up-to-date information concerning Erich Kästner is available and can be commented on.


Items of Kästner´s estate – mostly not available – can be viewed on the computer screen. Present and future Kästner fans of all ages can explore the real as well as the virtual world for Kästner news.


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